We would like to offer humble and heartfelt apologies to anyone who tried to contact us via our website, either through the “Contact Us” link or the “Commission Request” link. Turns out our site was bugged and most of those requests/questions were never received by us 🙁  We are so very sorry, especially to those looking for help/advice on projects. Everything has been fixed and is up and running once again.

On a side note, we are only doing very, very limited commissions now, due to a new job for hubby, a very busy college schedule for my daughter, and some health issues on my part. But we will answer all correspondence (like we used to!!) and may point you towards a different, suitable prop maker when appropriate 🙂

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Our First eBook!

It’s here! It’s here! Our first eBook is now available!! On sale now until the end of November for the low, low price of only $3!!

Do you love costumes and props that light up, but when you hear the words “Series” and “Parallel” you think “TV shows” and “Alternate Universe”? Have you always wanted to add that extra zing to your projects with some super cool lighting, but haven’t known where to start? Well, you’re in luck because we just finished our first eBook and it is all about adding lights to cosplays! In our eBook you will learn about wiring and soldering, different kinds of LEDs and how to choose which ones work best for your project, how to wire those wonderful LED strips so they last longer and shine brighter, plus a whole bunch more! Don’t worry that this eBook might be over your head if you have never worked with LEDs, wiring or soldering. This is a beginners guide, with things broken down and explained in such a manner that if you have never even seen a soldering iron before, you will have all the knowledge you need to be able to wire your own LEDs by the time you’re done with this book. It also includes handy links to products you can purchase at various websites, to get you started on your own project!


Farewell Serene

I know we have been quiet here lately. We have been dealing with the declining health of a much loved, four-footed shop member. Our kitty, Serene, who appears in pictures of pretty much every project we have worked on inside the house (she was not allowed in the shop, much to her disappointment) has been losing weight over the past couple of months. Slowly at first, and then suddenly and dramatically. Several visits to various vets and specialists, many tests and many, many dollars later, led to a diagnosis of Lymphoma (intestinal cancer). This is often treatable in cats (with kitty chemo) if they are still healthy enough to handle the treatment. Serene had already gone from her previous 13 pounds, to just 6 pounds (she lost 2 pounds in the past week alone) so she was a high risk. After more vet/specialist visits, attempted treatments with medicine and even dental procedures, Serene was no longer able to eat or drink. The cancer had very quickly spread to her brain. A week after being diagnosed, we had to make the very tough decision to let our sweet little fur baby go.
Serene was a very active member of our cosplay family. If I was sewing, she sat on my sewing box, supervising. If there was seam ripping to do, she would help pull the extra threads off the table, you know, so they’d be out of the way. She loved to help me lay out patterns, cat weights being the best way to smooth out the wrinkles. Her method of spreading fabric across the table was unparalleled in its furry efficiency. Need help getting a hem straight? Serene was there (underneath the hem) to point out the crooked edges. She enjoyed helping me mix colors when it was time to paint (who needs brushes when you have kitty paws?) and loved to sit inside the paint tote to keep the paint warm. When projects were done, and it was photo shoot time, she was the first one ready for her close up, always looking directly in to the camera, with her happy little face.
She will be missed by the Cosplay4UsAll family. We hope, wherever she is now, or in her next life, she has piles of foam and endless spools of thread to keep her busy and happy.

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Fabric! Get your fabric here!

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates but there have been a lot of changes that have impacted the time we have for web updates. I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say, if you want to keep up with our latest news and projects, your best bet is to follow us on Facebook!

Anyway, on to new news!

As some of you may know, when we are doing a project, we strive to be as accurate to the source material as possible. At times, this can be a pain because some materials just don’t exist! Two of our projects, Zer0 and Willy Wonka, caused us some headaches, trying to find the perfect hexagon pattern, in two slightly different shades of gray and black (for Zer0) and the iconic vest pattern for Willy. So we created them ourselves and had them custom printed by Spoonflower. We had some real headaches along the way, and some trial and error, but the final products were amazing!
So now, we are saving you the headache, and making our designs available for purchase! So if you, or someone you know, has been thinking about taking on either of these cosplays, check it out!

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Photo by Beat Down Boogie

Cosplay4UsAll Store NOW OPEN!

Hurray! It has finally happened! We have added an online store to our website. We have been tweaking and rearranging our website over the past few weeks and now offer online shopping to purchase many of our props and other goodies! We have been using Etsy for about a year now but decided to start moving our sales here instead. Too many fees!

Check out the new links  up top and click on the “Shop” button to browse what we have for sale. All items are custom, commissioned items created just for you. The holidays are coming up so order now and surprise that special geek in your life…..or treat yourself!

Please make sure to read all the details specific to each item, as well as our shipping, payment and return policies.

Happy shopping!

A Big Thank You to Many People



As many of you may know, we recently took on a project that, for us, was very ambitious. It involved learning a whole bunch of new skills and doing things we have never done before. Expanding our technical and creative skills is one of the best and most challenging parts of this crazy cosplay world we share.

When we started this project we knew it would be a challenge, and it was. However, we were once again reminded just how fantastic, helpful and supportive the cosplay community as a whole, and our group of cosplay friends/colleagues in particular, truly are. So we would like to take a moment to thank some of the many folks who helped us not only create our Zer0 helmet, but learn a whole bunch of neat stuff!

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Internet? We don’t need no stinkin’ internet!

Hey everyone, sorry for the silence lately! Two weeks ago we moved from our temporary apartment in to our new home, yay! Unfortunately we have had issues with internet availability and have only recently been able to get online again, in a limited capacity. Ugh! We have also been super busy getting settled (aka unpacking a jillion boxes) and getting our new shop all set up. Slowly but surely it is coming along and is going to be awesome when completed!We are hoping to have our Etsy store up and running again in about 2 weeks or so (fingers crossed). We are still too booked up for any new projects, probably until after con season, but should be able to squeeze some time in for the creation of some of our favorite props. In addition to our Adam Syringe, Silent Hill nurse mask, and others that we have sold in the past, we will be adding our Zer0 glowing blade to our store for a limited time!

We have been able to do a few posts on our Facebook page (since we can do that from our phones), so if you would like more frequent updates follow us on Facebook!

Thanks everyone for your patience and check back soon for the re-opening!