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Quick update…..

We have been quite busy lately, working on a couple of new cosplay’s for this years Dragon*Con. Check out our Cosplay Project section to see our newest cosplays in progress; Ichigo Tensa Zangetsu and a Silent Hill Nurse. Once those two are complete, I will be revamping Travis’ Chris Redfield cosplay, mainly remaking the entire harness system out of leather. Contemplating a female Shep from Mass Effect 3, but that will probably have to wait until this year’s convention season is over.

Jay has a full docket of weapons to whip up; a couple of new great knives for the Pyramid Head Twins, a knife/scalpel for our Silent Hill nurse, Ichigo’s sword and a new blade for Chris Redfield.

We are also celebrating our first prop sale on Etsy! Woot woot!

Thanks for visiting, and keep checking back for more exciting updates to come!

Coming attraction……see me making a body double of Courtney, a life cast of Courtney’s head, and how we apply latex to the Silent Hill Nurse dress!

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