How we made an inexpensive body form…


Let me start out by saying if not for a facebook friend I never would have thought of this! She gave me the idea (which she found online) and I figured I’d give it a go. So here is our step-by-step process of making an inexpensive body form out of a large garbage bag and some water activated paper packing tape.

“But what would I do with a body form?”, you might be asking yourself. While it may not be as versatile or adjustable as a dress form, that can cost $100 and up, it definitely has its uses, especially for anyone in to cosplay! Since it will exactly (or pretty close to exactly) match your current measurements, you can use it to try costumes on during construction. You can use it to form armor on, or paint/weather costumes on. If the packing tape gets paint on it, who cares! Plus, if you do like I do and leave it in a corner of a room, or just at the top of the stairs, it can really freak out other people in the house!
So let’s get started, shall we? First, you will want to do this somewhere that is not too hot/humid or cold. This is more for the models sake than the “wrappers” comfort. Plus, if it is too humid or cold, the tape will take longer to dry.
To do this project you will need;
– A large trash bag
– Duct tape (or other strong tape)
– A roll of water activated paper packing tape
– Sharp scissors
– Sponge
– Bowl of water
– Something to protect the surface of the table where you will be gumming up the tape

First, after getting all your supplies set up, and making sure your model doesn’t need to use the bathroom, etc (lol) cut a slit in the bottom of the large trash bag right in the center of the bottom seam, and slide the bag carefully over your models head. DO NOT SUFFOCATE YOUR MODEL! That would mess up the project 😉 Oh, and your model should have on the minimum amount of clothing possible, to get an accurate form. She kept her bra on though, since she would be wearing one under any costume or clothing we make!

Once you have her head poked through the hole, carefully cut two slits on the sides (at the bottom part of the bag) for your model to stick her arms out. Using your duct tape, tape the bag in place as close to her body as is comfortable. Try not to leave any big lumps of bag as this will transfer in to your body form! Cut excess away if need be. Also, while you want it to be tight, don’t make it so tight she can’t breathe comfortably. Make sure to wrap a piece of tape directly under the breast area so the bag fits snug around the contours.

Now you are ready to start work with the packing tape. Continue Reading →