Oh no! It’s almost August!!

Busy, busy, busy! That’s what we have been! With the convention-heavy month of August catching up to us, like a runaway train, we have been busy indeed! Apologies to those asking for commissions, we just have not had the time to take any on right now!

While Courtney has been in New York visiting friends and family the past few weeks, Jay (aka the prop man) and I have been working on other things. My son did a cosplay of Chris Redfield, a S*T*A*R agent from the movie (and game series)Resident Evil, a few years back. At that time it was his first cosplay and I was not even sure what the word cosplay meant, so we pieced the outfit together from this and that, and ordered the harness Chris wears from a cheap-o overseas website. Well, ok, it wasn’t cheap financially, but boy was it cheap in construction! So it was time for a revamp.


First picture is the cheap plastic harness, second picture is construction underway on the new one, made from the same kind of material they make tactical harnesses out of, third one is the (almost) completed new harnass! Much better! All it needs is the sheath for the knife, which is also getting remade.

Speaking of the knife…..



Since the previous knife he was using was a plastic one from Toys R Us, we made him a new one from 1/4 inch Sintra with a nice, mahogany stained handle. Above pictures show the blade in it’s pretty stage, partially weathered stage, and final bloody/dirty/well-used stage.

DSC04992.JPG DSC05083.JPG

 For more pictures, check out the gallery in our “Cosplay Projects” link above.

Don’t forget to find us on Facebook or Deviant Art for more step-by-step details on how this, and our other projects, were made!

Convention Crunch Time

With three conventions coming up right around the corner in August, we are working hard to get all our many cosplays completed!

First we had to tune up the pyramid head outfits which included fixing and fine tuning the “skirts”. Then we started from scratch  on the lady pyramid head top. It is now a simple once piece corset with strips of “bloody” bandages sewn on to it. No more worrying about things slipping off or moving around, just a couple of hooks in the back to do it up and voila! You’re good to go.

Next up was a complete redo of the pyramid head great knives. The last time we made them we whipped them up within a few hours of GenCon. Plus, they were our first props (ever!) and we have learned a lot since then! The new blades are bigger, badder and stronger than before! Check out the pictures in our “Prop Shop” section to see how we made them.


We will also be showing off two new cosplays this summer! For Travis we made a Bleach character called Ichigo Tensa Zangetsu – final form and Courtney will be showing off the nurse from the Silent Hill movie.


Visit our “Cosplay Projects” section to see the work in progress for these. Work continues on the blade for Ichigo and the latex mask for the nurse, so stay tuned for those!

And don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel for this video and more!