Gen Con 2012 – Indianapolis, Indiana

Wow! What an amazing four days it has been! It is Sunday evening and we just returned from our last day at Gen Con 2012. We had an amazing time! As usual we met some of the friendliest people you could ever hope to meet. The zombie walk on Friday night was cool and the costume parade Saturday afternoon, followed by the costume contest, was great fun.  Courtney participated in the contest in her Mage Hawke cosplay, and though she didn’t win (a 7 foot Minotaur did!) she totally enjoyed the experience.

DSC05294.JPG DSC05508.JPG DSC05511.JPG

I have managed to get all the pictures posted both here and on our facebook page and still have a ton of videos to edit and get posted. Hopefully I can get them all done before we head to Dragon*Con in only 11 days! Stay tuned for those because they are pretty darn good!

This year’s Gen Con was so much busier for us than last year’s. 2011 we only had a total of four cosplays. This year Courtney had four just for herself! Our Silent Hill Nurse was finally completed, just in time too. We also did full body airbrush makeup for the first time….it was quite an experience! For those who asked about the makeup on our nurse, I will try and remember to do a video next time (yes, it will be rated G, lol). Check out the pictures of nursey-poo (as I like to call her) and see what you think?

DSC05438.JPG DSC05456.JPG DSC05457.JPG

That’s all for now. I’m off to touch up cosplays and edit videos. To all our new friends….


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