New Photos!

Just a quick update to let our visitors know that we have uploaded a ton of new photos that I only recently noticed were missing from our website….though if you also follow us on our Facebook page you will have seen them already. Up at the top of our banner ^ you will notice the menu bar. Under the “Cosplay Projects” drop down menu we added our work-in-progress shots for our Mass Effect 2 Commander Shepard dress, as well as more photos in the Silent Hill nurse area. Our “Finished Cosplay” section now has some photoshoots of both the nurse and Commander Shepard. Little Sister, Pyramid Head and Chris Redfield have also had more pictures added. In the “Prop Shop” we added Ichigo’s blade and Chris Redfield’s big knife. Coming soon will be many, many more pictures of the Adam Syringe as we are working on a commission for one right now, and this time we remembered to take pictures along the way!

Oh, and in case you missed it… is our very own “Prop Dad” in his first cosplay. GenCon 2012 saw “dad” making an appearance as Frank West from Dead Rising. Everything on him (except for the camera, which is our legit camera lol) was purchased at various Goodwill stores for a grand total of around $12! Then we went to town with fake blood, etc, and there ya go!

Frank West side by side.jpg

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