A Big Thank You to Many People



As many of you may know, we recently took on a project that, for us, was very ambitious. It involved learning a whole bunch of new skills and doing things we have never done before. Expanding our technical and creative skills is one of the best and most challenging parts of this crazy cosplay world we share.

When we started this project we knew it would be a challenge, and it was. However, we were once again reminded just how fantastic, helpful and supportive the cosplay community as a whole, and our group of cosplay friends/colleagues in particular, truly are. So we would like to take a moment to thank some of the many folks who helped us not only create our Zer0 helmet, but learn a whole bunch of neat stuff!

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Crunch time

Crunch time for our Borderlands 2 Zer0 cosplay.  We have 2 weeks until C2E2 and are still working on the Zer0 Cosplay.  We did not have the time or tools yet to do the helmet properly so we have gone with a Minecraft head.

228px-Crafty.jpg IMG_20130413_001149.jpg

The Zer0 blade is coming along nicely and is ready for paint/cell shading.


Hopefully we will have the helmet done in time for Dragon*Con in August.  We are about to move into a new house and will be using the whole garage as a workshop.


For all those we handed out cards to over the past few days, and promised you would see yourself on our sites in picture and/or video form, we apologize for the delay. The internet speed in our hotel room at the Hyatt Regency, even after 3 complaints to the desk and 3 calls to their technical support, PLUS an attempt to use their “premium” business service to upload stuff, we still were not able to hold a speed other than 26kbps. Yes, that is HALF of the old dial up speed. (oh and now, because it is raining and they have DISH, yes , seriously DISH! , the tv is out)
Stay tuned and please check back. As soon as we get home we will have everything uploaded. Feel free to comment on photos, or tag pics on facebook when they’re up!