Dragon*Con 2012

Well it’s been just about a week since we got home from our first Dragon*Con and I think maybe, just maybe, my brain is starting to work again! So I thought I would take a few minutes to sit down and share our experience, journal style….

Thursday, August 30th, 3pm

Courtney arrives home from a day at school and we basically pick her up and throw her into the car, which is packed with all our costumes, props, and what we think will be sufficient snacks and water for our trip (hahaha! NOT!). We are very anxious to get going since we discovered after the fact that the con really unofficially starts Wednesday, and quite a few of our friends are already there! Via Facebook, we have discovered that our friends from up north, Jessica, Nick, Kevin and Dale, are already on the road and about 2 hours ahead of us. Over the course of the next 8+ hours we haul a** via the interstates and make a game of trying to catch up to them (an impossible task, but amusing just the same!). For once Courtney actually stays awake the whole trip! Seeing new sights, new cities, the thrill of the chase (we closed to within about 45 minutes of our targets, lol!) and the excitement of our first Dragon*Con kept her eyes open. Or maybe it was Jay and I singing at the top of our lungs?


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Return from Dragon*Con 2012

Just a brief post, in between uploading mega amounts of photos that we took. We are back from Dragon*Con and holy cow was it fun! More on that later, once I have recovered and my brain is firing on all cylinders again.

In the meantime, please enjoy the many photos available in our photo gallery (see above in the menu). Videos will be up some time next week (hopefully!)

How many days left?!?

Things are moving at a frenzied pace as we count down less than a handful of days until Dragon*Con!

After our four days at Gen Con we have been VERY busy tweaking, touching up and revamping some of our stuff so it will all (hopefully!) be in tip-top condition for what is promising to be our biggest cosplay event ever!

It will be “radio-silence” from here on out, until we start uploading pictures from Dragon*Con. With any luck we will have a decent connection speed at the hotel in Atlanta and can at least get some pictures up online 🙂

In the meantime, please enjoy all our photos AND videos from Gen Con (see the drop down menu above ^ ).

Dragon*Con or BUST!!!

Gen Con 2012 – Indianapolis, Indiana

Wow! What an amazing four days it has been! It is Sunday evening and we just returned from our last day at Gen Con 2012. We had an amazing time! As usual we met some of the friendliest people you could ever hope to meet. The zombie walk on Friday night was cool and the costume parade Saturday afternoon, followed by the costume contest, was great fun.  Courtney participated in the contest in her Mage Hawke cosplay, and though she didn’t win (a 7 foot Minotaur did!) she totally enjoyed the experience.

DSC05294.JPG DSC05508.JPG DSC05511.JPG

I have managed to get all the pictures posted both here and on our facebook page and still have a ton of videos to edit and get posted. Hopefully I can get them all done before we head to Dragon*Con in only 11 days! Stay tuned for those because they are pretty darn good!

This year’s Gen Con was so much busier for us than last year’s. 2011 we only had a total of four cosplays. This year Courtney had four just for herself! Our Silent Hill Nurse was finally completed, just in time too. We also did full body airbrush makeup for the first time….it was quite an experience! For those who asked about the makeup on our nurse, I will try and remember to do a video next time (yes, it will be rated G, lol). Check out the pictures of nursey-poo (as I like to call her) and see what you think?

DSC05438.JPG DSC05456.JPG DSC05457.JPG

That’s all for now. I’m off to touch up cosplays and edit videos. To all our new friends….


Oh no! It’s almost August!!

Busy, busy, busy! That’s what we have been! With the convention-heavy month of August catching up to us, like a runaway train, we have been busy indeed! Apologies to those asking for commissions, we just have not had the time to take any on right now!

While Courtney has been in New York visiting friends and family the past few weeks, Jay (aka the prop man) and I have been working on other things. My son did a cosplay of Chris Redfield, a S*T*A*R agent from the movie (and game series)Resident Evil, a few years back. At that time it was his first cosplay and I was not even sure what the word cosplay meant, so we pieced the outfit together from this and that, and ordered the harness Chris wears from a cheap-o overseas website. Well, ok, it wasn’t cheap financially, but boy was it cheap in construction! So it was time for a revamp.


First picture is the cheap plastic harness, second picture is construction underway on the new one, made from the same kind of material they make tactical harnesses out of, third one is the (almost) completed new harnass! Much better! All it needs is the sheath for the knife, which is also getting remade.

Speaking of the knife…..



Since the previous knife he was using was a plastic one from Toys R Us, we made him a new one from 1/4 inch Sintra with a nice, mahogany stained handle. Above pictures show the blade in it’s pretty stage, partially weathered stage, and final bloody/dirty/well-used stage.

DSC04992.JPG DSC05083.JPG

 For more pictures, check out the gallery in our “Cosplay Projects” link above.

Don’t forget to find us on Facebook or Deviant Art for more step-by-step details on how this, and our other projects, were made!

Convention Crunch Time

With three conventions coming up right around the corner in August, we are working hard to get all our many cosplays completed!

First we had to tune up the pyramid head outfits which included fixing and fine tuning the “skirts”. Then we started from scratch  on the lady pyramid head top. It is now a simple once piece corset with strips of “bloody” bandages sewn on to it. No more worrying about things slipping off or moving around, just a couple of hooks in the back to do it up and voila! You’re good to go.

Next up was a complete redo of the pyramid head great knives. The last time we made them we whipped them up within a few hours of GenCon. Plus, they were our first props (ever!) and we have learned a lot since then! The new blades are bigger, badder and stronger than before! Check out the pictures in our “Prop Shop” section to see how we made them.


We will also be showing off two new cosplays this summer! For Travis we made a Bleach character called Ichigo Tensa Zangetsu – final form and Courtney will be showing off the nurse from the Silent Hill movie.


Visit our “Cosplay Projects” section to see the work in progress for these. Work continues on the blade for Ichigo and the latex mask for the nurse, so stay tuned for those!

And don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel for this video and more!

How we made an inexpensive body form…


Let me start out by saying if not for a facebook friend I never would have thought of this! She gave me the idea (which she found online) and I figured I’d give it a go. So here is our step-by-step process of making an inexpensive body form out of a large garbage bag and some water activated paper packing tape.

“But what would I do with a body form?”, you might be asking yourself. While it may not be as versatile or adjustable as a dress form, that can cost $100 and up, it definitely has its uses, especially for anyone in to cosplay! Since it will exactly (or pretty close to exactly) match your current measurements, you can use it to try costumes on during construction. You can use it to form armor on, or paint/weather costumes on. If the packing tape gets paint on it, who cares! Plus, if you do like I do and leave it in a corner of a room, or just at the top of the stairs, it can really freak out other people in the house!
So let’s get started, shall we? First, you will want to do this somewhere that is not too hot/humid or cold. This is more for the models sake than the “wrappers” comfort. Plus, if it is too humid or cold, the tape will take longer to dry.
To do this project you will need;
– A large trash bag
– Duct tape (or other strong tape)
– A roll of water activated paper packing tape
– Sharp scissors
– Sponge
– Bowl of water
– Something to protect the surface of the table where you will be gumming up the tape

First, after getting all your supplies set up, and making sure your model doesn’t need to use the bathroom, etc (lol) cut a slit in the bottom of the large trash bag right in the center of the bottom seam, and slide the bag carefully over your models head. DO NOT SUFFOCATE YOUR MODEL! That would mess up the project 😉 Oh, and your model should have on the minimum amount of clothing possible, to get an accurate form. She kept her bra on though, since she would be wearing one under any costume or clothing we make!

Once you have her head poked through the hole, carefully cut two slits on the sides (at the bottom part of the bag) for your model to stick her arms out. Using your duct tape, tape the bag in place as close to her body as is comfortable. Try not to leave any big lumps of bag as this will transfer in to your body form! Cut excess away if need be. Also, while you want it to be tight, don’t make it so tight she can’t breathe comfortably. Make sure to wrap a piece of tape directly under the breast area so the bag fits snug around the contours.

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Silent Hill Nurse Latex Dress

Finished the dress for the Silent Hill nurse cosplay over the weekend. Then spent some “quality time” with Courtney, adding liquid latex to it, to give it the same look the movie version had.  Still have to paint and weather it, but it is coming along nicely!

Life-casting and molding supplies are due to arrive tomorrow, so look for the mask making work soon!

In the meantime, please enjoy the video, complete with funny faces and cats photo-bombing!

New News….

Quick update…..

We have been quite busy lately, working on a couple of new cosplay’s for this years Dragon*Con. Check out our Cosplay Project section to see our newest cosplays in progress; Ichigo Tensa Zangetsu and a Silent Hill Nurse. Once those two are complete, I will be revamping Travis’ Chris Redfield cosplay, mainly remaking the entire harness system out of leather. Contemplating a female Shep from Mass Effect 3, but that will probably have to wait until this year’s convention season is over.

Jay has a full docket of weapons to whip up; a couple of new great knives for the Pyramid Head Twins, a knife/scalpel for our Silent Hill nurse, Ichigo’s sword and a new blade for Chris Redfield.

We are also celebrating our first prop sale on Etsy! Woot woot!

Thanks for visiting, and keep checking back for more exciting updates to come!

Coming attraction……see me making a body double of Courtney, a life cast of Courtney’s head, and how we apply latex to the Silent Hill Nurse dress!