Zer0 – Borderlands 2 – Clear Plastic (PETG) Visor


Zer0 Visor from Borderlands 2

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Are you looking to make a Zer0 helmet for your Borderlands cosplay, but can’t because of that darn, weird shaped visor? Well now you’re in luck! For those who don’t wish to purchase one of our Zer0 Helmet casts, you can purchase one of our visors and make your own! Vacuum formed from clear PETG plastic (like what they use to make soda bottles) this visor can be dyed using fabric dye (we recommend iDye Poly. Watch our video tutorial here.) or spray tinted (which we do NOT recommend as it looks nice from the outside but has very poor, blurry visibility). It has been vacuum formed to fit our helmets and measures approximately 25″ from ‘chin’ to the tip at the back of the visor, approx. 6″ across the ‘chin’ area in the front, approx. 12.5″ across the widest part of the ‘dome’, and 3″ at the tip at the end of the visor. Visor can be very slightly reformed, carefully using a heat gun, if need be. We recommend getting the visor first, then crafting your foam helmet to fit.

Visors come with a protective covering on one side. Please peel off before dying/tinting.

**We do NOT offer tinted visors!!!**


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