We are just about caught up on everything after the summer of convention madness. We have a few open spots for commissions, before we start on our next big project! Ssshhh it’s a secret project…..until we figure out all the logistics, but it will be something special!

If you are interested in commissioning us, just use the “contact us” link on our website, or send us a message via our Facebook page.

Dragon*Con 2012

Well it’s been just about a week since we got home from our first Dragon*Con and I think maybe, just maybe, my brain is starting to work again! So I thought I would take a few minutes to sit down and share our experience, journal style….

Thursday, August 30th, 3pm

Courtney arrives home from a day at school and we basically pick her up and throw her into the car, which is packed with all our costumes, props, and what we think will be sufficient snacks and water for our trip (hahaha! NOT!). We are very anxious to get going since we discovered after the fact that the con really unofficially starts Wednesday, and quite a few of our friends are already there! Via Facebook, we have discovered that our friends from up north, Jessica, Nick, Kevin and Dale, are already on the road and about 2 hours ahead of us. Over the course of the next 8+ hours we haul a** via the interstates and make a game of trying to catch up to them (an impossible task, but amusing just the same!). For once Courtney actually stays awake the whole trip! Seeing new sights, new cities, the thrill of the chase (we closed to within about 45 minutes of our targets, lol!) and the excitement of our first Dragon*Con kept her eyes open. Or maybe it was Jay and I singing at the top of our lungs?


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Return from Dragon*Con 2012

Just a brief post, in between uploading mega amounts of photos that we took. We are back from Dragon*Con and holy cow was it fun! More on that later, once I have recovered and my brain is firing on all cylinders again.

In the meantime, please enjoy the many photos available in our photo gallery (see above in the menu). Videos will be up some time next week (hopefully!)