Internet? We don’t need no stinkin’ internet!

Hey everyone, sorry for the silence lately! Two weeks ago we moved from our temporary apartment in to our new home, yay! Unfortunately we have had issues with internet availability and have only recently been able to get online again, in a limited capacity. Ugh! We have also been super busy getting settled (aka unpacking a jillion boxes) and getting our new shop all set up. Slowly but surely it is coming along and is going to be awesome when completed!We are hoping to have our Etsy store up and running again in about 2 weeks or so (fingers crossed). We are still too booked up for any new projects, probably until after con season, but should be able to squeeze some time in for the creation of some of our favorite props. In addition to our Adam Syringe, Silent Hill nurse mask, and others that we have sold in the past, we will be adding our Zer0 glowing blade to our store for a limited time!

We have been able to do a few posts on our Facebook page (since we can do that from our phones), so if you would like more frequent updates follow us on Facebook!

Thanks everyone for your patience and check back soon for the re-opening!

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