Hunter from Left 4 Dead

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Again, this is an early cosplay. Goodwill was our friend for this one! Got the pants for $3, the sweatshirt for $5! Stretchy ace bandages have been weathered with tea stains, dirt and various acrylic paints. Face makeup was a bit of trouble to do, since we did not have the right supplies at the time. Practice makes perfect!

DSC01107.JPG2010-06-05 22.50.31.jpgDSC02111.JPGDSC01110.JPG2010-06-05 22.51.29.jpgDSC02112.JPGDSC01120.JPG2010-06-05 22.52.00.jpgDSC02113.JPGDSC01121.JPGDSC02114.JPGDSC01122.JPGDSC02115.JPGDSC01123.JPGDSC02116.JPGDSC02117.JPGDSC02118.JPGDSC02119.JPGDSC02120.JPGDSC02121.JPGDSC02122.JPGDSC02123.JPGDSC02124.JPGDSC02125.JPGDSC02126.JPGDSC02127.JPGDSC02128.JPGDSC02129.JPGDSC02130.JPGDSC02131.JPGDSC02132.JPG

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