Zer0 Blade – Borderlands 2


Zer0 Blade from Borderlands 2

You can now own your very own, custom made glowing blue blade that Zer0 uses in Borderlands 2!

This blade is constructed of 4 layers of blue acrylic, chemically bonded together and staggered to resemble the different edges of Zer0’s in-game blade. A strip of super bright white LED’s runs along the spine of the blade and is powered by 8 AAA batteries hidden inside the handle. A switch at the base of the handle turns the lights on/off and the end of the handle can be removed for easy battery replacement.

**A quick note about batteries and lights (which is super important for this prop!)
**Due to how most others folks create their swords they are only able to use a single 9 volt battery to power their lights (which are ALWAYS 12 volt strips). That means you will not be able to get the full brightness from the lights, nor will they last as long. Since our sword is powered by 12 volts of power, you will get the FULL effect of those super bright lights and they last a looong time! (We used ours at Dragon*Con for 3 days without any noticeable diminishing of brightness and without needing to change the batteries.)

Our acrylic and lights are then snuggled inside an aluminum channel, a chrome piece is added for a handle and everything is screwed together. A thin layer of Sintra covers the aluminum,  and foam is wrapped around the handle (for looks and comfort!). Everything is then carved, painted, detailed and cel shaded to mimic the original game sword. We use NO mdf in the construction of our blades. This piece is solid, bright and gorgeous! With this added to your Zer0 cosplay you will definitely stand out in a crowd!

Our blade is 54″ long (his blade in the game is insanely long!), from handle to tip, but can be sized a little shorter or longer, based on your height (our model in the picture below is 5’5″). If you would like to see pictures during the construction stage, please click here. Any questions please contact us!

[pe2-image src=”http://lh6.ggpht.com/-kDAZuZ9eOwc/UjE8r_75anI/AAAAAAAAKXw/lvjBAJh_HEA/s144-c-o/DSC09634.JPG” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/110577777339526861820/Zer0Borderlands2#5922581711563614834″ caption=”Zer0 from Borderlands 2″ type=”image” alt=”DSC09634.JPG” ]

 This is a custom made item, created on commission. Please allow 4-6 weeks plus shipping time.


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